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If you would just like to make a donation please visit our Just Giving Page. We will receive your donation quickly and if you are a UK tax payer we will receive an additional 25% on top.


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To donate £10 now simply text LGBT45 £10 to the number 70070

Do something amazing

If you are interested in supporting centred, in whichever way you choose, we can set up a Just Giving page dedicated to you and your act to help you begin raising funds. In the past one of centred's friends offered to darn socks for neighbours for a month and donated fees to centred. That was pretty amazing. In 2013, one of our trustees and a member of staff walked from Brixton to Huddersfield ( Now that's amazing. One Amazing Act is a wider initiative  developed by the photographer and activist Ajamu and centred. Whatever act you may be interested in doing, however grand or ordinary, we are interested in hearing from you and supporting you. 

Become a regular supporter

centred has a group of dedicated friends and family who help us to retain our independence as a charity. These are people who make a regular donation to our work. We would love you to become one. Download a standing order form here, or contact us for our bank details.

The difference your support will make

The people we work with are best placed to describe our impact:

‘centred’s nurturing efforts have changed my attitudes to community, engaging with this wide range of people has made me think more about community. There is a challenging element about centred, which is positive….diversity is genuine, not just tick box, I value this very much.’

‘my experience of centred has been important. It’s enabled me to be a bit more out, even though I was very out before. It feels like someone’s got my back even though they’re not in the room.’

The more we raise funds independently from the community, the more creative we can be with our work